Saturday, November 7, 2009

**Cutting Kitchen Corners**
~ and other helpful stuff ~

In hopes of making your kitchen duties more fun than tedious,
I'd love to come into your home, (where you have
hopefully invited several of your friends) and share with you
my 30 years experience in kitchens; 19 of which
have been as the cook for the CSUF Children's Center

n weekends, and after 5pm daily, for as little as
$6 per person*, I would love to share some
ideas on how
to get children to eat more fruit,
and show you some easy meals they truly love.
That's not to say my expertise is limited to children
eating better, so please know I have some great ideas
to make the kitchen friendlier, and safer too!

If you could share this BLOG with some moms, and non-moms
alike, and please contact me ... I'm in Orange County,
California and do not comfortably travel too far,
so of course, I need you to also be in the
North OC area. Please leave me a comment and/or
eMail me, so we can discuss more details!
*CSUF and/or other students, only $4 per person